Raghubir Singh (1942-1999) is considered a pioneer of colour photography. In the 1970s he was one of the first photographers to insist on the use of colour at a time when colour photography was still not widely recognised. inspired by his philosophy of using colours in photography, his book  titled”A river of Colour” had been a major influence on me.


This photo was taken in Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai in 1989, titled “Pedestrians”.

 In this image illustrates the spontaneity and surprise, reflecting what everyday life was at the time.

On the far right, the handbag of the well-dressed turquoise saree lady suggests some congruency to the leather bags in the shop. However, her face remains hidden, as with the rest of the pedestrians, suggests their identity may not be as important as the elder lady in red blouse. She carries a navy blue satchel on her arms and seems to be waiting for someone. As light pours into the middle door panel, casting a reflection on the door which strengthens the focus of the elder lady.

This image stuck with me because it had a certain connotation for me. It reminded me of the disparity between the common folk and the well-off. I think Raghubir has cleverly chosen the placing of his details in his framing, all in the moment of time.


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