Consultation : James Cant 280915

Adapting to the mode of learning and communication in the photography course has been challenging in the beginning, and my first consultation session with Mr James Cant to get myself started out, has been an invaluable one. My initial approach to get the project assignment going on the first week was:

1) To establish a platform for my Reflection Journal (RJ) and Visual Log book (VB).

The necessity to document my thoughts and research in the course is very new to me, and after some considerations in my approach, I have decided to use WordPress as the main platform to house both records for my project assignment. My rationale for  using this approach was that I thought it would be easier to organise my information and make certain references back to back, and at the same time provide some form of online interactivity. This could also potentially reduce the reliance  on hardcopy printed papers to support my research.

Being new to the online platform, it took me a couple of days to  learn how to setup my journal. However I would prepare my thoughts and research offline first before translating them to my website. This consideration was also partially to counter in case of the lack of internet connection and if absolutely necessary, on prints.

2) To determine my photographic style and research on the different approaches to the the project brief.

I’d like to gather my research and references properly and lay them all out on the table and identify the potential leads first, before deciding my direction or the next course of action. While this could be a “slow and steady” race, this could also be a double edge sword for me, as it could mean that I may take a longer time to make my rationale, to derive to my conclusions and therefore neglect any actions taken.

After the Individual tutorial session, James’s advises were as follows:

  • Try to establish the visual basis to your photographic voice / identity.
  • Break down why David Lachapelle’s image is my favourite / one of my favourites, write this info into my RJ/VB.
  • I must identify a direction to begin with – take research to the group critic on Thursday.

What I intend to do from here, to make a decision on my next forward, before the going for the critic session.



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