Carol Sharp : Still Life Commercial

Still life photographer and a fine art artist, Carol Sharp has over twenty years of experience in photographing flowers and still life for commercial projects. Renowned for her lyrical composition, attention to detail and delicate touch, she shares about her works and commercial practices.

Having covered a myriad of works, from plants and flowers to fruits and vegetables, she draws inspiration from photographers such as Edward Weston and Paul Strand. Carol has developed her practice revolving around play on light & shadows, as well as meticulous on the arrangement of subjects. One of her most significant works was her contribution of flower images to stock photo websites.

During the lecture, she highlighted the need to plan for each shooting project. Research available images, and based on client’s requirements or consideration of the packaging design layout, she creates contact sheets, pens down on Excel spreadsheet, a list of items needed and time schedule prior to the shoot, etc.

Carol briefly touched on image licencing, about images on stock images websites. Stock Image licensing was an interesting subject for me, although I felt this itself could be another session. The different kinds of packages one photographer could think of and the art of negotiating with clients when selling images online.

My Take way: Planning & Organising

What struck me most, was her sharing of some of the thought processes and techniques she used on certain photo projects. For example, how different lighting and colours on the subject conveyed different mood and emotions. She  sometimes uses mirror to reflect light onto her subjects, thus creating “daylight” within her studio.

In relation to the progress of my current assignment, the use of mirrors has given me some ideas of moving forward and further exploration in regards  to my concept and visual. What I am looking for from Carol Sharp’s sharing, largely  revolves around on organising myself prior to the big shoot.

In conclusion, here are my takeaways:

  • I need to think more about planning my visuals than concepts!
  • Use of contact sheets and Spreadsheets to help me organise my planning shots and item preparation.
  • Use of mirrors to help convey my concepts and ideas.

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