Consultation: Andy Sapey 051015

Consultation with Andy Sapey was an enlightening experience for me at this point of junction. It seems I have slightly misinterpreted the project brief a little, under the impression that the assignment requires me to be consistent in my photographic style for all the images I am going to produce. So far what I have done, was to analyse one particular style that I felt I am similar to, and thus overly planned the shots how I wanted it to be.

After the Individual tutorial session, Andy’s advises were as follows:

  • To explore a visual approach:
    Lighting :  key , important for overall feel.
    Colour Palette  : Tone & Mood
    Composition : Format
  • How would I apply these elements throughout each image. Keeping the images all consistent.
  • Consider the works of Todd Hido, Nzdan Kander, Gregory Crewdson.

Moving forward from here, what I need to do, I think, is to keep the the current principles I have established for myself, and further explore other photographer styles pertaining to these principles, and analyse how these elements work before attempting my shots, keeping in mind the tight schedule.



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