Visual Coherence, Research, Process & Creative Identity

Visual Coherence, Research, Process & Creative Identity

What is visual Coherent?

  • Aesthetic elements that are the similar across the different categories. Ie Quality of Light.
  • What are the similarity and differences?
  • Its about the intuition of an individual voice. 

Visual coherence

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”  – Pablo Picasso

But, What does it mean?

Best Answer:  “Here’s an example for you. A painter must start painting before an actual idea hits them. Sometimes writers have to actually start writing down ideas before they actually come up with the story. So you have to try to do something before you can do it. If you look at Picasso’s works they are all done while he is painting, there is no plan. Hope that helps a little.”

My takeaways

The lecture conducted by James Cant, on the topic: Visual Coherence, was a much needed and in-depth session. In my opinion, it was another form of methodology in thinking process in interpreting our project brief. My current approach so far, in my own words, has been a linear approach; that is, to digest and interpret the project brief, sketch out the image as though storyboard, before actually shoot.

Creative Identity

The activity on listing down things that interests my brain was a good exercise. It enables me to think through thoroughly, beyond photography, the personal things and/or encounter that I am interested in. The last thing I want to do, would be to interpret the definition of “Visual Coherence” wrongly.


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