Lottie Davies : Portraiture

Lottie Davies’ work is filled with stories and personal histories, the tales and myths we use to structure our lives. She takes inspiration from classical and modern painting, cinema and theater as well as the imaginary worlds of literature. She employs a deliberate reworking of our visual vocabulary, playing on our notions of nostalgia, visual conventions, and subconscious ‘looking habits’, thus evoking a sense of recognition, narrative, and movement.

Davies first started her photography interest while cross processing films. Though not her interest, she went into food photography, which had good money returns, but a little mundane. She later went on into travel and journalistic works and testing out the production scale. At that time, she did not have a real story and though she had documented many stories, she felt frustrated as she couldn’t tell them out.

She recounted of instances where she couldn’t get the ideal image when she was out on the field and stuff happens, or when the guide tells her it’s there, but it is not. Through her experience, she shares, that as a travel photographer we must produce image not matter the circumstances. Our attitude should not be saying it is impossible, as reasons are never enough.

Through these years of cumulative experiences, she was able to build her images and show people what she had done before and was interested in experimenting things that others had not done before. She was back in commercial work but photographing the things she loved. Some of her works she has done: Ex Caelo Lux, Memory and nightmares, Fortnum & Mason. 

Take Away: Thought Processes
The session was more of a sharing of her photographic journey and the experiences she has been through. Though not particularly helpful in my practice, I think there are two things she pointed out which I could relate to. Her two advises are:

  • Be confidence with the creative vision in you, given the experience, and people will trust you.
  • Be daring to ask strangers for a photograph. Make sure it’s picture worthy.

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