Analysis: Landscape One 191015

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

A landscape may not necessarily be a pure land scape. For my image, I have used my landscape subject as a metaphor to describe my concept. The four elements that I have used in constructing my visuals are:

Hues of dark green to light yellow to reddish orange with some breaks of blue sky, a gradation of vibrant colours adds some intangible complexity to the image. 

The use of backlighting to draw out the colours of the leaves at the top of the canopy, and saturated hues to further emphasis. At the same time, this backlighting also adds some textures on the tree trunks.

The tree trunk stems out to a corner of the frame, while the bunches add structure to the mess of colours. I have used trunks and its branches to anchor the complexity of the leaves in frame. This gives some balance in all its chaotic. 

The carefully calculated balance of the intangible and the tangible elements that result in a somewhat harmonic-chaotic visual. This in concept reflects the kind of community we live in this world.


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