Scott Grummett : Food & Still Life Commercial

Scott Grummett is a Photographer & Director specialising in Food & Drink. His team has been at the forefront of commercial food presentation, creating graphic and delicious-looking stills & films for clients in the UK and internationally. Scott Grummett started his photography career though assisting professional photographers. As he talks about his experience when starting out, he shared with us some useful tips about mass sending emails of CV letters and some golden rules about assisting other photographers.

CV letters should include:
–  My name is…
–  Education
–  Projects and works
–  Goals and attitude
–  Assisting experience & skills
–  How can I value add to my service?
Golden rules:
–        Be honest
–        Look busy
–        Earn opinions
–        know the team
–        Take notes
–        Be early; late = didn’t plan for traffic
–        Make tea
–        on it! on it! on it!

For his personal projects, some steps he found to be extremely helpful, was to make visual references, shot lists, go for location recce, identify the ideal model, (i.e. height, dress, etc.), treatment of the shoot. A lot of times people are more than happy to help.

Moving images

Scott had a go in moving images as the Arts Director. Though not familiar with the technicalities of the filming, he had his team behind him to realised his vision and concept. Hence, he had a lot of help with the hard part.

Take Away: Thought Processes
Finding the way, how you take pictures. Emulating other people’s styles is a little pointless.


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