Katy Lassen : Stylist

Katy Lassen is a freelance fashion stylist and consultant based in London. Katy started her career assisting at Conde Nast titles Vogue, Glamour, and GQ before joining the launch of biannual title GQ Style as Junior Fashion Editor. She then went on to pursue work as a freelance stylist. Katy has consulted for several young London designers, luxury, and high-street brands.

Through her experiences working with agencies, Katy noted that stylists and photographers often invest their own money into their fashion editorial shoots. Sometimes they get their jobs through agencies, which promote what they like to do. Although in some cases either the agencies pushes them to do more commercial works or stylists & photographers have been doing a great job but are not earning enough. It was more about finding that balance.

For Katy, her creative process ideas comes from outside fashion, rethought into fashion editorial ideas. Or at least fashion styles not within the last half decade.

As a fashion director, she began to work as part of a team, to develop themes. Ten stories could be commissioned at one time, but it was a good challenge. She sees it as different skills were needed for each role.

Working as a freelance now, Katy has taken a more grown up & refined direction. Reflects trends but also personal development. A diverse range of commercial and creative clients: important to get balanced jobs.

She feels there is definitely more variety of work, pros and cons to being own boss, but mostly pros. Also, many opportunities to work with new people. 

Take Away: Thought Processes
Her advices about Fashion styling:

  • do as much, gain experience
  • build a creative core team: photographers, models, hair& makeup artists.
  • look outside fashion for inspiration
  • Network!
  • Be nice, and determined
  • Enjoy it.

“Agencies want to see you to have an established style and able to sell. Don’t go into agencies too soon if not ready. ” Katy Lassen


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