Guy Fawkes Night Fireworks

Fireworks display had to be one of the most exciting activities for me. To be able to view one at large scale in Norwich was a rare treat. For that big night, I prepared my camera equipment and had an ideal spot where I want to be on location.

However, being unfamiliar with the event, I then realised there were so many people already arrived for the event and I had to snake my way into the crowd. Little did I know that it would be extremely crowded outside the Norwich City Council building. Amongst the crowd, I was probably the only person with a big camera and tripod. And Asian.

When the fireworks started off, it was drizzling. I did not prepare any waterproof cover for my camera; the only additional stuff I brought was a dust pen. since I was already there, I might as well do with the composition of everyone’s handphone camera in contrast with the fireworks display.


Photographing fireworks in the midst of the wet weather had been challenging. I had to constantly wipe off the water drops on my lens and hope it doesn’t produce condensation. On post process, I had to clean the bokeh caused by light refraction in the raindrops. Despite the challenges, I did manage to capture a few good stills.



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