Rough Cut: Brainstorm of Ideas

1st Update: 05.12.15
2nd Update: 06.12.15
3rd Update: 15.01.16

Rough Cut: Brainstorm of Ideas

In my previous assignment, I was interested in the exploration of vibrant colours in complex yet harmonious structures. They were saturated and crisp, with a constructivist approach. In this task, with the research references and advice gathered, I decided to expand on the same theme “colours”, but in the opposite direction of my style.

What I am interested in this experimentation, was to investigate how colours integrate with structures under low light conditions to form an image, but in soft focus to the point of basic geometric forms. This informed experiment was the result of daily observance of the weather condition whilst working on the earlier assignments, as well as the progression of my peers during group crits.

For my previous assignment, I have been looking at bright day lighting, saturated and crisp, and constructivist approach. Instead of the usual approach, I will be exploring the opposite of my style.  I will be looking soft focus bokeh, Natural nightscapes, and adopt a suprematism-ish approach, utilising various different techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Continuing my visual reference research, such as the style of David Lachapelle, Some notable photographer I looked at in this assignment includes the works of Ori GershtGregory CrewdsonMarius ViethWynn Bullock , Ben Stockley , as well as Nick Knight.

Initial Ideas and concepts

Initially, I had the idea of breaking down landscape structures to its most geometric form and see how bokeh colours integrate with it. I then started to consider other methods to break the landscape apart, as well as digital and print techniques.

In the table below, I list out the possible approaches I could go about in my experimentation. Using an excel sheet, I adopted a cross-out method to identify the best results for my rough cuts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 18.00.07


Continue here for more in-depth progress of my Rough Cuts.


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