Analysis: Wynn Bullock Photography

Color Light Abstractions



Color Light Abstraction: 1073

I discovered Wynn Bullock’s works while searching for visual references to inform my landscapes for Rough Cut.

On first impression, I felt this piece of work related to the kind of landscape I wanted to work on. It has a certain element of blurriness, but enough structure to form a landscape. To me, the complimentary colors in contrast with darkness suggest a looming sunset over the coastline.

However on deeper analysis, I was totally wrong. I later realised these series of images were in fact created using coloured glass and crystal objects. With light underneath, the fractures would begin to show up in different ways.

From 1959 to 1965, Wynn Bullock created amazing abstract color images on 35mm Kodachrome slides. The process, which he developed himself, involved complex multi-layered colored glass and objects, plus the creative and subtle use of depth of field. It was an exploration of light and colours which were not greatly appreciated until recently.


“When making these pictures, I use light not to make objects recognisable, but to create beautiful pictures in colour, line, surfaces, texture, forms, and space dimensions through the action of light as it strikes objects.”  Wynn Bullock

After analysing, this dawn upon me that the term “landscape” can be creatively stretched by anything and any how I choose to develope with available material. How the image is created and the interpretation of the final product may not necessarily be the same, and this could be the intention of photographers abstract style, an open-ended interpretation. This made me better appreciate his works on light abstraction series.

Though an article by Barbara Bullock-Wilson, understanding how Wynn developed his unique process made me realised the similarity of certain work processes in my earlier still life as to his, and we were looking at the translucency of objects in still life. It also made me think about landscape in a different, perhaps unconventional way, to stretch landscape as much as I could, perhaps into abstraction.

For more of Wynn Bullock’s Color Light Abstraction series, click here.

Note: Wynn Bullock’s works influenced the work process on my fourth still life in a subconscious level. It has also influenced me on my rough cuts, that a landscape can be stretched from other element outside “landscape”.


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