Consultation : Matthew 071215

Consultation : Matthew

As I checked the consultation timing, Matthew’s morning slot happened to be available at the time. I have not seen him due to my Monday’s workshop session being in the morning, and that particular session happened to end slightly earlier. So I dropped by to see his advice on my second project brief as a last minute thing.

I  explained to him my previous assignment works, and showed my ten approaches I have researched for my report over the weekend.

My response to the second brief, was to follow through the the first brief. That is, to use “Colour” & “Structure” as my main subject in the nightscape, but this time to go in the opposite direction of my style.

I wanted to explore how colours integrate with nightscape structure to the point of its most basic geometric forms.

I had been looking at the works of
David Lachapelle, Ori Gersht, Gregory Crewdson, Marius Vieth & Ben Stockley.

After consultation, I will have construct a stronger argument for continuing the same theme from BA2a_1 to BA2a_2.

The short duration for the second brief requires a rapid response & diverse experimentation. Don’t spend too long inside my head, and I have to make pictures – to be playful.

Look at the works of:
Trevor Key, Nadav Kander, Pierre Et Gilles, Wynn Bullock, Benoit Pailey, Jeff Koons, or even Pierre Hoguge.

*After looking the various artists works, I feel more connected to Wynn Bullocks’ abstract images.



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