Analysis: Masashi Wakui photography

The works of Masashi Wakui, a self-taught Japanese photographer, who creates an almost surreal atmosphere with his kaleidoscopic portrayal of Tokyo by night. His photography style often identified with the background stills in Japanese anime. He used high-performance compact cameras and alter the colors to create a vivid and magical quality to scenes of everyday life in the city.


This image, as with most of his other landscape images, were captured in the winding backstreets and alleyways of Shibuya, Shinjuku and various other districts. I took an interest in this series of images because it had a similar photographic style to mine; backlighting produced by the neon signboards, a contrast of warm and cool lights. There is a certain complex structure in the buildings, adding a narrative element to the image. this works especially well with the reflection of lights on the streets, suggesting a rainy evening.

what made this image stands out was the post-process behind the image, which seems to have a unique faded color effect, adding a touch of emotion to it. upon further analysing the editing technique, I think it is a simple editing process of using curve layers, perhaps presets, but quite effective for a night scene.


Note: I initially approached my Roughcut with a similar style as this, but went on to develop it further.  


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