Consultation: Matthew

As I hardly visit Lecturer Matthew for consultation due to unfavourable schedule timings, this was a much-needed session. In view of the coming scheduled some 1:1 tutorials with Matthew,  my objective was to inform him on my work progress so far, with the following agendas planned:

  1. Overview of RJ & VL
  2. A kaleidoscope of colours: Portraiture & Still life rework  
  3. fourth set: still life; Harold Davis flower Photography
  4. Moving images
  5. Rough cut progress: Especially the 5th.
  6. Structure of essay

Matthew’s advice were as follows:

  • If I revisit BA2A project 1, I will have to manage my time more carefully.
  • Make the work speak for youEssay
  • Do not rely too much on description
  • The Structure is good but perhaps too much (too large). I need to be more concise.
  • Be reflective  – let it inform developmentRough cuts – Blur, glitch, kaleidoscope, burning, 5th to complete
  • for glitch, it is process driven
  • for burning, watch out for the colour balance of the burning flames
  • consider flash & ambient mix
  • Research anamorphic lenses & effects

    Moving image
  • video/time-lapse worked well.
  • think about the 3 slots discussed.Photographers to look at
  •  Trevor Olly
  • Tessa Traeger

Overall the session was extremely productive for me, as I could better understand his concerns in my works, and allow myself to reflect and consider my next course of direction carefully.




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