Consultation: Andey Sapey

A review of my progress with Andey Sapey, a continued discussion of my third assignment, to explore heirloom dishes as still life photography.

I explained my consideration to the third brief was that with the three weeks, the first week was spent on researching, second to Barcelona trip, and I could only work out something on the third. Hence, the better approach was to plan properly, in terms of visual, logistics, and manpower. I opted for a collaboration work with a ‘client’ for this project, and I only have that one chance of shoot.

His advice for me was to keep researching before my shoot.

Rough Cut images

– One professionally finished image printed to a high standard
– Evaluate the outcomes: why, how, what came out of the images.
– Need more fluidity in my images: sometimes the images feels technically rigid.
– lens chimping is giving me a more free feel and emotion.
– Research on treatment of images. Look at magazines.

Colours, Composition, Backlighting:
Look at photographer Marcus Nilson, Anna Jones







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