Client’s Brief: Research


For many people, food and family have an intimate connection. Preserving family recipes trigger the memories of our childhood and the relationships with our past and present family members. It reminds us of long-forgotten experiences and relieve the feelings of wisdom, comfort, and excitement. These legacies are the family heirloom that bridges the younger generation, so they may understand about their family heritage and continue to strengthen these ties.

A Clarity of Direction

There is more to Food editorial photography in commercial still life. Intimate stories of food that hold such special meaning bring people together. While cooking is an art of self-expression, photography becomes the platform for revealing these experiences. The challenge is to approach common food in a fresh and vibrant way, injecting my style of visual elements.


My works focus on editorial recipe books.
Other applications include:

  • Recipe book and cards,
  • Product, Lifestyle, recipe magazine, and news-letters.
  • Online recipes for website or blog
  • Info-Ed Videos

Treatment and Planning

As the end product focuses on the food as a reminder of family bond and memories, the prepared dish should coherently reflect the culture of the person behind the cooking. This assignment is a collaboration between Mr Kai Chiu and I.

Dish: Wanton Noodle

Location: Mr Kai Chiu’s home kitchen

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 23.54.01

Visual References

Inspiration & photographers

  • Celebrity chef Sam Leong Cuisine books (Singapore)
  • Heirloom recipe book (Singapore)
  • Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver
  • Bene Tan photography

My Visual Approach

  • Raw ingredients: An aerial view of the raw ingredients and tools needed to prepare the dish; to give a homely feel. Wanton wrappers, bowl of mince meat. etc
  • Preparation in action: A behind-the-scenes still as the food is being prepared; to give an authentic home cooking feel.
  • Making wantons
  • Cooking noodles
  • Preparing for presentation
  • Subject and food
  • Dish with the family: with the food being the focus.
  • “Hero” Wanton Noodle: A stylized approach to the dish.Sketches

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