Analysis: Philip Keel Photography

Artist, author, and publisher Philipp Keel was born in Zurich. Keel’s photographs, paintings, drawings and silkscreen prints have since been shown in numerous international exhibitions and are present in leading collections. Central to his work are caricatures, the beauty of details, light, and the complexity of the human mind.

In Philipp Keel’s Color, the beauty of the mundane is made visible. His work invites the viewer to take a fresh look and to be curious. Through the lens of Keel’s camera, the usual becomes unusual, and the familiar appears in an unfamiliar way. His pictures are lively, spontaneous and ironic. The perspectives surprise and the reflections hint at the world in front of and behind what we see, suggesting something more – a story, a secret, a puzzle.

I was drawn to his photography book, Color, which was said to be the most comprehensive collection of his editions. His views on colors on everyday life were unique, and there were a few images, certain elements of colors and structure, which I felt connected to, in relation to my works.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 18.26.36

Defragmentation, 2002


Gumball machine, 1999


Inside a potato chips bag, 2001


Fire Truck, 2002




To find out more about Philipp Keel’s works, click here.



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