Barcelona Trip (part 3 of 3)

I love exploring new places and landscape photography. Traveling to Europe for my first time was something which I had never imagined. It was a great opportunity to visit Barcelona Spain with a small cohort of photography students. In this post I will share two locations, and how the shots were achieved.

However excited I was before flying off, I did some research and planned my own itinerary of the places I wanted to go within the short span of five days. I wanted my trip to be as fulfilling since I may not come again anytime soon. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 02.16.54.png


Before departure, I had brought two pieces of luggage with me; a medium-size empty suitcase and a hand carry luggage which half of the load were my camera equipment, including a tripod! Just before check-in, I stuffed my non-equipment into the suitcase so it will be lighter on board.

La Sagrada Familia Tower

I was probably the only person in the group that went up the tower that evening. The entrance fee into the cathedral hall costs 16.50 euros. However, access to the tower costs a whopping 35 euros. The price of the tower ticket had raised all of a sudden, and as much as I was reluctant to shell out the money, I thought I would not come by again anytime soon.


Barcelona City Lights: A view of the city from the tower of La Sagrada Familia Cathedral. 

Being a popular tourist attraction, security in the cathedral was tight. Visitors had to place their belongings in the designated locker room before going up. Not even my camera bag or tripod was allowed. I carried two lenses and a set of GND filters in my jacket. upon reaching the bridge of the towers, it did not seem like a crowded place.

My idea was to capture an evening view of the city, just as its lights come on. After surveying, I found the spot I liked and stayed for an hour, waiting for the sunset, until the closure of the cathedral.

on post process, I took multiple exposures and blended them into a single image. Although I took a lot of images for that evening, they were not as impactful as the piece above.


Going up the tower was a unique experience, not quite same as I had imagined. Nevertheless, the view from the tower was amazing.

Parc De la Creueta Del Coll

Apart from the must-go-to touristy places in Barcelona, I was searching for something off the beaten track. While researching for locations, I came across one called, ‘Turo de la Rovira’, a relatively less well-known attraction to tourists, due to it difficult accessibility. It has a bunker on the hill which offers a great panoramic view of the city. I had planned to get there to catch the sunset.

Before setting off, I asked for directions on getting to the hill. Finding the bus stop alone was a good challenge. Apparently I was advised wrongly and ended up in a different location, ‘Parc de la Creueta Del Coll’. This park was created from an abandoned quarry and it’s crescent-shaped cliff accessible, directly adjacent to’Turo de la Rovira’. I missed the sunset while on the way to the summit.


Barcelona at twilight.


It is easy to think that there is a flat ground at the top of the cliff and its fences follow its ridge lines. However, that was not the case. Its fences prevent people from falling over and it does not mean accessible paths. There was a cross at the summit, and I did some night photography with long exposures.


I choose a low angle setup and set my camera to multiple-exposure on 30 sec shutter speed. I figured by anchoring the cross in the middle, I would b able to include elements of the trees, rock, moon and background light, all in one frame. It was difficult to see the composition on camera from the low angle, and it was dimly lit.


Most of the images above were shot with my 16-35mm wide angle lens and on tripod. I stayed up there for about 2.5 hours. Thankfully it was a night with moonlight and I was able to make my way down safely.





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