House of Stafford Interior shoot

My house accommodation is nearing its end contract, all of my current housemates would  be leaving. I would have to start finding new replacements and this seems like so much work. However I figured I will need to get some images of the house, I thought might as well try an interior shoot. And the only available time I had was over the study week.

This means cleaning the common rooms, especially the kitchen and toilet, to sparkling clean. I am proud to have single-handedly cleaned every corner of the kitchen, as shown in the final image, down to the refrigerator interior. This was also in part a Chinese tradition of spring cleaning, in observance of the Lunar New Year.

Also, I liaised with my housemates a suitable time for their room shoot. I considered rearranging some of the items in every image, and turning on the warm orange lights, so as to achieve a presentable look.

The original raw images were less than desired with a high contrast of light and shadow. Hence, I used multiple-exposure blending to get the right subtle, natural feel of the house. Other than the technique and minor color balance, not much retouch was done to these images;  some dirt and blemishes were purposefully left behind. After all, the idea was to give an authentic look at the current condition, not a false impression.

I am pleased with the image result, as never has the house been this clean during my stay. I hope there would be prospect student tenants interest in the house.





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