Consultation: Andy Sapey 220216

First Consultation of BA2b with Andy Sapey.

Earlier on, I didnt quite understand the rationale of submitting a learning agreement before the consultation session. Based on the earlier lectures, my interpretation was that we had to pair up with a film student, then submit a document proposal. It turns out I was wrong. Andy corrected me that pairing up with a film student was just one of the many ways of collaboration. The proposal should come first.

I did have a rough direction on what I wanted to do next but have not decided the exact route. I wanted to follow through from what the first assignment brief has informed me, to stretch the interpretation of ‘landscapes’. Though the short fifteen-minute session, Andy constructed some questions to help me with understanding the next project brief.

  • Proposal: what do you intend to do
  • Landscape theme: why have you chosen this project?
  • Explore – to have a deeper level of understanding of this theme.
  • The learning outcome will be used to inform the project.

I will need to research for references, to find, to gather as much information to inform my practice. As for the collaboration aspect, I will need to find someone, and quickly.

Some aspects I need to consider includes planning of shoot with spreadsheets, an estimate of costs (to research and find out), Recces & Casting & Test shoots, How much equipment and transportation, etc.

Look at AOP Beyond Lens, as well as photographer Robert Macfarland.


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