Analysis: Kelly Richardson

Kelly Richardson is a Canadian artist who is one of the leading representatives of a new generation of artists working with digital technologies to create hyper-real, highly charged landscapes.

‘Legion’ was her first solo exhibition in the UK, and had provided a retrospective of over a decade of her works. Drawing on the imagery of science-fiction cinema, literature, and the history of landscape painting, Richardson’s work imagines an array of possible futures for humankind. She visualizes the kind of relationships mankind may yet have to the natural world in an imagined near future through the use of high-tech animations with footage of some of the world’s most spectacular wildernesses.


While researching for ‘provocative landscapes’, I was instantly mesmerized by Kelly Richardsons’s latest video installation and large-scale photographic work Orion Tide. It features a desert landscape at twilight with what appears to be numerous missiles or vessels charging towards the sky.

The image composition is interesting. The desert landscape itself has the natural element and calming presence because of its overall dark color tones. The stars in the sky tend to be assiocated with space and all things sci-fi. The distance and timing between each rocketing objects varies. But when they appear, as though a cinematic scene, it makes one question what is happening. That in essence is a thought provoking.


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