Consultation: Andy Sapey 290216

In the light of the project brief, I considered establishing a clarity of direction, to tie all my assignments to a central theme. One week of research has led me to take an interest in ‘provocative’ landscapes. Although I had developed a general direction, I felt the proposal still wasn’t concrete enough, and there were more details which I could look into.

Follow up with Andy Sapey since the first consultation for BA2b.

Full On Vivid color is one area in landscape photography which significantly reflects my forte. I will need to determine and decide my direction: to continue my style or explore new frontiers.

  • I will need to find someone to collaborate with. It is important as this will find me direction. The order of thinking process may go either way
  • I will also need to consider the purpose of the images: why take the images? what are the outcome: Editorial or Advertising, etc.
  • Encouraged to keep researching, look deeper and further.
  • To look at a slew of photographers’ works:
    Nick Meek, Stephen Shore, Simon Norfolk, Kelly Richardson, Tim Simmons, Eric Cahan, Alex Teller, Christain Schmidt, Lucas Campigotto, Joel Sternfeld, Robert ward.
    Ben Henson, Ben Stockley.



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