Analysis: Darren Soh

Born and based in Singapore, Darren obtained a degree in Sociology from the National University of Singapore in 2001 while serving as a contract photographer at the country’s leading English broadsheet newspaper, The Straits Times. Since 2001, Darren has been a full-time independent photographer doing a mixture of personal, editorial and commercial work with a particular interest in architectural and landscape photography.

I was particularly drawn to Darren  Soh’s aerial photographs of Singapore in which he document its opulent landscapes and luxury property developments in stunning aerials. By taking off the ground from an elevated position, he presents a different Singapore from a unique perspective, incorporating striking graphical elements into his images. His photographs effectively reflect Singapore not only as a leading economy in Asia but also a garden city.

Singapore being a small country with tight securities, not many local photographers would have the opportunity to shoot aerial photography the way Darren does. These series of images are represented by Bloomberg, and more can be viewed here.


Darren Soh is primarily an architectural and landscape photographer, which he has been fascinated by the built environment and how human beings are using a space. He is well known in the local scene, particularly for his graphical representation of the high rise buildings and the neighbourhoods of Singapore. The more I explore his works, the more I feel intrigued by his style.

Through framing his subjects in the best light and from the best angles, he has shown that that even boring buildings are worth taking a second look at because they are all interesting in their own way. Darren mostly uses the tilt-shift lens for most of his architectural  and landscape photographs.

From the business aspect, the online gallery website, “The Artling” who have worked some of the top galleries to promoted growing artists in Asia, has represented Darren Soh’s architectural photographs and are selling these large prints at a high value. To find out more, click here.


For more about how Darren Soh started his journey, click here.
To find out more about his portfolio works, click here.


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