Photo Inspirations

Nature from Above: Striking Aerial Photos by Tobias Hagg

While aerial photography is not uncommon these days, but Tobias Hagg’s top-down approach are so abstract and visually stunning! It is almost as if the imagery painted onto canvas. There is so much detail, composition, colours and textures in it. I guess it is because people are so used to the classic landscapes that we have not been saturated with this kind of perspective. Hence, most people find this approach fresh and stunning. I think it would be equally stunning if it were of cityscapes.

Woodchester by Tobias Hägg on 500px.comIcebreaker by Tobias Hägg on
A place to think by Tobias Hägg on


To view more of his works on Instagram, click here.


Steve Docwra Photography                 290216

Steve Docwra’s love for the beautiful countryside in Norfolk and Suffolk and Broads stems out from his love of the places he grew up in. Steve’s images are picturesque and representational in style. His landscapes reflect the time of the season. This is especially apparent as he turned his attentions to the coastline and its surrounding countryside. There is nothing quite like the feeling of isolation and wonderment from being in a beautiful and remote location during the golden hours.

Steve Docwra’s images have been my reference for quite a while. Not in particular of its photographic style, but more because his images give me a better idea of the locations in Norfolk area, as to what I could expect if I were there.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 20.44.52

To view more of his works, click here.


Wai Teik Photography 

Scrolling through research references, I happened to chance upon a website of the Singapore-based photographer, Wai Teik PhotographyOne particular image gave me a good alternative idea, which was the use of glitters for my portraiture.

another piece of his work, a distinctive use of colours through the use of colour lights.



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