Channels For Learning

Many people often ask me where I learn my media skills. Since I graduated from an art school with major in Audio Video Productions almost a decade ago, I have continued to improve myself through work experience and online guides.

In this entry, I have compiled a list of channels & websites which have been helpful in learning my craft throughout the years. Sometimes I refer back to these tutorials when preparing my shoots or if I have forgotten about certain post-processing techniques.

Before I get into the list, here’s a few things to take note:

  1. These channels aren’t geared for basic photography 101 and arranged in no particular order.
    2.This is not a comprehensive list of educational photography tutorials. It’s just a curated list of ones I think are good.
    3. I mostly shoot landscape, nature, city, sometimes portraits, etc. so the information below might be biased in those areas. However, I think it’s very educational to watch other styles of photographers as I can learn a lot from them.

Technology & News updates


  1. Petapixel

Petalpixel is arguably one of the most informative and up-to-date site on camera technology and photography-related news. It is like the current affairs of the camera and photography world. I usually come on here to get my fix once every couple days. One can find many reviews, inspirations and insights of other aspects of photography and issues which are all helpful in learning.


  1. DP Review

DP Review is like the current affairs of the camera and photography world. I usually depend on this site for more technical information and reviews of new products or if I am considering to buy new devices.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 21.55.36

  1. ISO500px

One of the best source of inspiration for photography. Through these articles I get to better understand the technical and creative process of the photographers’ approaches and style.


  1. Phlearn Channel

My go-to video channel for learning advance Photoshop techniques. Aaron Nace is an amazing conceptual photographer who teaches advance photoshop skills and features that are less commonly used. He gives a little critic on user submitted creative photos and how to take it one notch higher. Through these series of episodes ive learnt not just about advance technical skills, but also developed a keen eye to detail.

  1. Serge Ramelli channel  

Serge Ramelli is a French photographer living in the beautiful city of Paris and does two episodes per week. This is my go-to channel for picking up Lightroom skills for photography. Serge Ramelli’s photographic style is distinctively vivid and often high tonal contrast, and he sometimes use multiple photo softwares to develop his digital images. Though his tutorials Ive learnt some neat tips and tricks to get things around in photo editing.

Camera Review


  1. DigitalRev TV

When it comes to deciding what camera/lens/equipment to buy, we often need to check multiple sources and hear different perspectives. DigitalRev is useful, in a way which it often tests new equipment and make comparisons between two or more products, to see which is a better option. I have found this to be a particularly good combination with dp review or petapixel. However, this channel is often scripted to a hilarious and witty episode so as to keep viewers interested.


  1. Fstoppers

What DigitalRev doesn’t review on, Fstoppers makes up for it; in the aspect of creative lighting in photography. I often refer to this channel for tips and trick for lighting a shoot or studio for portraitures in various conditions. Of course, this channel is also informative on other aspects of photography.


  1. Matt Granger

I refer to this channel only when I need a second opinion on camera equipment reviews. Previously known as ‘The Nikon Guy’, Matt Granger is offer tips and trick on photography as well, including photography lighting tutorials.

Film & cinematography


  1. Film Riot  & Film State channel

With an interest in film productions, Film Riot is easily my favorite channel in learning the process of filmmaking, lighting techniques (extremely important) and other neat tricks from pre-production to post production. Host Ryan Connolly often plans his podcasts in an entertaining way which often keeps his fans interested and wanting for more. Some episodes offer insights and reviews of camera and lighting equipment, as well as editing tutorials on adobe premiere pro. I learnt my editing from this channel.Film state is a channel that often inform news and updates on Hollywood and latest upcoming films. Host Ryan Connolly often reviews and offers interesting perspectives of these films.

Film state is a channel that often inform news and updates on Hollywood and latest upcoming films. Host Ryan Connolly often reviews and offers interesting perspectives of these films.


10. Video Copilot

When it comes to cinematic effects, Video Copilot is by far the best site, hands down. Andrew Kramer is one of the most generous special effects artists with experience in the Hollywood industry. Generous, because of the video tutorials he puts up on his website. For a beginner, learning after effect is indeed an extremely steep learning curve. Even after more than ten years of following his site, I often still struggle when working with after effects. But through his tutorials, it takes a while to master certain techniques.


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