Guest Speaker: Carl Bigmore

Carl Bigmore completed a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication in 2014. His 2015 my project Between Two Mysteries has been shortlisted for the European Publishers Award for Photography, won the Metro Imaging Mentorship Award and is represented by the photographic agency INSTITUTE Artists.

Carl showed us some of his earliest works, which he found an interest in photography during his college years; a testimony to the progress of his photography skills. He stresses that we may not be proud of our older works now, but it does shows the progress of one’s photographic journey. Through the series of his body of works, Carl considers himself a storyteller in every image he create. This is particularly evident in most of his personal works which eventually landed him on his first commission work, a news print.

Carl believed personal work can led us into commercial work and that we have to believe in our own voice. Case in point: In ‘Through the trees’ series, he explores the relationship between people and landscapes. it was a passion project which eventually found its way in an opportunity for exhibition gallery in Toronto, Canada.

Carl later developed an interest in a documentary project,  the idea of peole living in citybut interested in living in the countryside.  As he sets out to to work on this project he met strangers and amazing people along the way. it was becuase of meeting these random people, he found an opportunity to go abroad teach photography.In his next series was his breakthrough in photography. Influenced by the popular cultures, film and media of the North West Ameria,’Between two Mysteries’ was an exploration of fantsay in America and its reality, but with a focus on environmental region. Through this project he came across many people who lived in the region.

In Carl’s most recent kick-starter campaign project, “State of Changes” focuses on the climate change in America. it was also his exposure in prodcing moving images. Carl understood that the Editorial market are always looking for new works and fresh imagery to include in their magazines.

Carl shows that it was through this kind of freelance photography which made it possible for him to network with different people. it was also because of such opportunities and exposures which enable him to be involved in a myraid of works, such as Charity works, Personal works, Newspaper, Editorials Magazine, Prints, exhibitions, etc.

Last but not least, his encoruagmeent to us was to try look beyond UK, to expose our works as much as possible, through festivals, competitions, etc.

Royal photographic society
Getty images grants
Len culture awards
Magenta flash forward
Ian parry scholarship
CENTER’s  project launch and project Development Grant
Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship
Dorothea Lange – Paul Taylor Prize 
Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Fund

“Think of Networking as building a community. People what to see you active even if its not commission works.” Carl Bigmore

In your personal projects, do you conceive the narrative element first or do the shoot first?
How do you find locations?
Do you think there are similar locations in UK?


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