OLucy Outdoor Location Shoot

We went to a few locations for a day of road trip: Cromer, Sherringham and Wroxham.

I was extremely excited about the trip as it was my first time traveling out of Norwich since I arrived in the UK. Upon arriving Comer, we realised free carpark space was rather difficult to find and we spent quite a while looking for one. Then we walked a short distance to the cliffs.


We could not access to the beach the proper way as there were some constructions going on. Where the fences ended was a narrow trench. It was quite dangerous to go down from here. I went down myself while Lucy stayed behind to record some ambience sound. Eventually, I got a sequence of the coastline from where I was. I had no idea that the coastal area would be as cold and windy.


The next location was Sheringham. We walked around the area, looking for interesting subjects. Lucy suggested a staircase to the beach. Hence, I framed my composition of the walkway in contrast with the coastline. However, the area was all too quiet. the challenge was to get people to walk over to this stretch of the pathway.


Next location was Wroxham. We arrived there sometime near the evening time. There was a brilliant sunset but I could not find any unique vantage points. We walked around the area for a while, and the swans were following us. I could tell Lucy was already very tired from all the walking. Eventually, went back to Norwich empty-handed (from this location).

All in all, I had a great time exploring the coastal areas. I really appreciate my partner for bringing us around.


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