Interdisciplinary week

Lecturer Juneko once asked me how I felt about the Interdisciplinary courses and what made me choose the ones I have attended. My response was that I chose the courses that were beneficial to my promotional package plans for my third year. I could consult the lecturers for advice about my plans.

Namecard Design – 060416

Before the Tuesday session, I had already created two variations of my card design during the Easter break. It was only a matter of translating them from Photoshop into Indesign. His lecture notes were particularly useful as it made me think of the details I have not included in my name card proposal previously.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.39.54Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.40.02

During the session, Graphic Design lecturer, Darren leader introduced a G.F. Smith paper reference book, explaining to us about the different paper materials we could use to print name cards and postcards. After browsing the pages, I have picked out a few possible paper material for name cards, postcards, and considered other prints as well.


After the session, I consulted the Graphic Design lecturer about my design concepts.  I had the idea of using a translucent paper material for my name card. Overall it was a positive response, and he gave me further advice for research development on the paper material.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 18.39.20



Making Japanese Book Cover Box – 070416

Learning how to make a Japanese Book cover box has been a fun process. I have not done it before and it was my first experience. It was also a great opportunity to know the attendees.


During the process, I made some alterations to the original guide. I fumbled a few mistakes but managed to improvise with the support of the lecturer.


Final Product


This session has piqued my interest in exploring the possibility of incorporating these Japanese book cover box into my packaging plans. I hope to be able to learn the art of making Japanese books someday.


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