Reflection of the week: 03-08 April 2016

Reflection of the week: 03-08 April 2016

It has been an extremely hectic week. 

the week after easter break opens with the interdisciplinary week where I could learn skills outside of my course, respond to the submission deadline for film collaboration video, submit a proposal for the Richardson Brown Travel prize, as well as accommodate my cousin who came to visit me for the week. It has been an extremely hectic week as everything was happening all at the same time. 

I had enrolled for the name card design session on Tuesday, and the Japanese book cover making session on Wednesday. I could not attend the pinhole photography session as I was too tied up with making the Japanese book cover. I wanted to crash in for the night photography on Wednesday evening but did not know it took place the day before. 

For name card, I have already a design on photoshop, and it’s just a matter of translating onto the Indesign software. however, my main motive was to consult the lecturer of my designs on a certain paper material. overall it was a positive response, and he gave me further advice for research development.

Japanese book cover making was a fun process. I have never done it before and it was my first experience. the instructional guides provided by the lecturer was useful. During the process, I made some alterations. I fumbled over a few mistakes but managed to improvise with the lecturer’s support. 

When she asked me why I attended these interdisciplinary courses, my response was that the advice in these courses have been beneficial to my research development for my self-promotional assignment. (INDEPENDENT)

by the time for Group Critic session on Thursday; even though I had sought out various channels for collaboration work for learning agreement,which is pertaining to my field of research, I was already getting flustered for being unable to find any success. I found a possible collaboration with a third-year fashion student but have not established a proper discussion. with less than two weeks left, I have to best make use of the time I have. (TRANSITIONAL)

Responding to the submission deadline for film collaboration video, in my opinion, communication has always been a last-minute response from my partner’s side, and I thought her sense of urgency and accountability could be improved. throughout the easter break, I kept suggesting to her to inform me her filming plans and how I could support her. I could at most give her encouragement as she seems particularly stressful with her own assignments. 

As she planned to shoot her video on Wednesday night, and suddenly told me of the clips she needed at the last minute. I had to recreate the sequence on Monday evening and deliver her the footages the next evening after the interdisciplinary courses. the funniest thing was that despite my reminders for the past week, she submitted the video for her side without knowing I needed to submit as well. I spent the last hour of the deadline to get a copy of the original video and frantically compress it to the requirement.  (ABSOLUTE)

I was shortlisted to apply for the Richardson Brown Travel prize. I thought it came at a really odd timing, a week before the easter break and submission deadline the week after the break. which in between I did not the chance of consulting my lecturers on 1 to 1. anyway, I managed to enlist the help of Andi Sapey and James Cant and explained to them of my plans. I managed to submit a proposal in the nick of time. I was glad that I did research on traveling to Scotland over the two week holidays. (INDEPENDENT)

I felt a little bad as I had not been able to properly accommodate my cousin due to my busy schedule for the week. anyway, he was able to explore the city center on his own and I could spend some time with him when I have pockets of free time.


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