Consultation: James Cant 110416

After three weeks, I have finally got to see the lecturers for consultation. So far, Essay report and Self promotional plans are almost completed and film collaboration submitted. which only leaves me with Learning Agreement and time is running out. For James, I had to go straight to the point, about my concerns.

1) Word count for Essay report: It seems I have to expand a little more for my essay report proposal. Also, I have to be very careful with citations and where I get my references from. I would probably need to read through over again.

2) Self-promotional Plan, to streamline or not. I guess I should, but I have also considered many aspects of a photography business, and I was concerned with how I could bring my plans back home, as there may be a certain function not available in Singapore context.

At least, this clears up some of my doubts as to when to stop with theses assignment ad ay it is complete. At all costs I have to focus more on Learning Agreement collaboration.



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