Skills Audit

How have you allowed yourself to become contaminated by your patterns ideas?

“I was impressed with the talent of my partner from the very beginning. I think it was a very good decision for us to share our interests and previous work in the very first meet as this is where my admiration for Oowen’s work first developed. I really wanted to learn how some of the images were created therefore I thought that if we progressed onto doing something similar to what he had already achieved but added to it and incorporated more elements, I could learn but then together we could expand our knowledge.”

How did you conduct your interactions?

Oowen and I met regularly to discuss our project and its development, we used online messaging services to regularly keep in contact and share information. We also used drop box so we could share work and interesting files. Oowen was very helpful with his organization skills as he made a giant chart with all out plans scheduled out in order to make sure we had enough time to do what we needed and to complete the project.”

How have you thought and acted differently?

Oowen is a lot more organised than me therefore in order to help him with his organisation I had to become organised myself, which was a little difficult for me! I wouldn’t normally act in such a way, for example following want charts, preparing for weather, setting very specific timings. I’m very appreciative of Oowen for putting up with me and my attempts to be more organised for him. however, I have learnt from this in seeing the benefits of being this way. It was interesting to work with a single individual rather than in a larger group, I had to considerate and compassionate to his ideas and feelings maybe more than I would have in a larger group and we had to bounce off each other solely rather than a group of 6/7.”

What was unpredictable?

“The outcomes were often unpredictable simple because our work was so down to experimentation. I guess also Oowen often used some technical jargon which I struggled to understand so I actually had to see the outcome to understand what was meant, so often this made things even more unpredictable. An example of this was the file sizes being too large to work with, this was unpredictable to me as it came across to be that it would be manageable, I think Oowen had more understanding than me when it came to how difficult this was going to be.”

What questions arose?

“What would we be achieving on the shooting day was a question that I certainly had in my head, because Oowen had seen this work before and I hadn’t and I struggled to understand the process being explained. Therefore, it wasn’t actually until things were happening that I began to understand how they were being achieved. One thing that helped this was the breakdown of workflow that Oowen created. This helped me understand exactly what was happening when and having it written down and explained was certainly helpful.”

How did you ensure your collaboration was effective?

“Constant communication was key I think, to ensure that we were both on the same page and knew what was happening. We were both very understanding of each other’s needs and Oowen was very understanding of my time constraints, because of how often we spoke. We made sure we met regularly and stuck to our schedule that we created.”

Where both parties able to be effective and was the work produced in a meaningful manner?

“I think we both could have been more involved in each other’s interests and input into the project. Owen actually shot the time-lapse and edited them to what they became on his own, maybe I could have had a go at doing this myself and been present in the edit. He was very informative of the process however and told me exactly how he was achieving what he was, I think it was mainly time constraints that got in the way. Similarity, I shot the projection and movement sequences alone, maybe I could have involved Oowen more here but because it was shot rushed it was difficult to fit everything in!

The project meant a lot to us both and we really went out of out way to complete it. I think this is shown throughout commitment of exploring different places and having so many different stages to out project. It was not just a single location shoot and one edit. There were multiple locations which we had to travel far too and there were multiple stages that the project had to go through to get to completion, like shooting, editing then re-shooting the edit. I think we really pushed ourselves here as clearly, we both wanted to achieve something complex.”



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