Reflection of the week: 18-22 April 2016

It’s been an extremely challenging week and I am glad that the submission is now over.

This week was the most crucial week. It is the time where most students would be rushing their assignments to meet the deadline. For me, I felt somewhat calm about meeting the deadline.  I had worked hard throughout the Easter break, and had thought that my works has been consistently updated with the lecturer’s feedbacks.

Even though the lecturers advices were generally positive, there were still some sort of paranoia in me. Until I have submitted my stuff, I should spend the last bit of time to improve on my RJ/VL. I reviewed my works regularly by scheduling day by day tasks, making sure that I have acheieve the required standard in the many areas and not go out of point.

I kept checking on the items to submit again and over again, to make sure I have not left out anything and everything is in place. There are many decisions I have to consider on my time management, prior to the submission:

  • What are the priorty tasks for the day
  • When to make prints, and when to update blogs.
  • What meal should I prepare: to cook or to deliver.
  • Based on lecturer and peer’s feedbacks, what are the things I can improve on, and feasibly.
  • With the limited time at hand, what are important food/groceries can i buy from the supermarket to sustain me for the week.

Apart from the submission, there have been other personal things going on as well. I am aware that things will snowball and get ugly if not considered carefully. I  figured the deadline submission has the biggest pirority for the time being, and I cannot lose focus on it. Until this is done, I cannot began resolving other issues.

Overall I am pleased that my hard work has paid off.



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