Cosplay photography has been a thing for me whenever there are cosplay conventions. It is a great opportunity for me to meet new people and practice my portraiture photography.

Having participated cosplay conventions in Singapore, it was my first time attending one in London. It was a huge event, quite different from Singapore. I notice some differences between the conventions I have attended before, such that many people here love dressing up as the characters they liked, but not to the extent of serious cosplaying. I hardly saw good cosplayers with elaborate costumes or at least costume they take pride in making from scratch.

I still get to meet great people here, but perhaps because I am an Asian photographer that people do not feel comfortable enough to work with me. Perhaps I too, lack the courage to approach strangers for a shoot.

Closer to home are the local cosplayers in Norwich whom I have worked with previously and were more comfortable to collaborate with me again.


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