Brand Identity

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create lasting impacts in the community through our photography services.

Our mission is to be a brand recognized for its high-quality services and innovative approaches to serve our clients needs. We are also committed to making the experience of photography through education easy, enjoyable, and profoundly intense.

Core Values

With Professionalism, Responsibility, Personal Commitment, Creativity, and above all love and passion for the art of photography, we create memories through your experience. With studies in photography, we have excellent knowledge, experience and passion, and are always at your service.

Experience create Memories

About Me
I am a Landscape and Travel photographer based in Singapore, who focuses on capturing the natural beauty of a location and events. Through my unique vision and passion, I explore a dynamic range of genres, often with vivid colors and playful structures. My creative output also includes areas of the multimedia aspects, such as videography and design publishing, which gives me a multidisciplinary perspective to inform my creative endeavors.

Product & Services

Photography Genre
Landscape | Travel | Events | Conceptual | Education

Prints | Photobooks | Postcards | Calendar |

Prints | Videography | Workshop | Multimedia Consultant

Market Analysis

As landscape photography becomes my niche area, my primary client would be people who are interested in landscape images. However, I would also like to diversify my experience and services to cater a broader spectrum of people, in international and domestic aspects. Hence, in consideration of the market I am targeting, I would include these general groups of people.

Target Clientele

Landscape | Gallery, Editorial, Environmental Organizations, NGOs, Art buyers, Hospitals

Examples include:
National Museum of Singapore | Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery | Singapore Tourism Board | SPH Magazines | Conservation International Singapore| Nature Society Singapore | WWF Singapore | 500px

Travel | Travel Editorial Magazine, Pre-wedding, Hotels & Accommodations, Travel Blogs

Examples include:
Jetstar Media (Jetstar airline) | Silverkris (SIA airline) | Ink global | Singapore Tourism Board | SPH Magazines | 500px marketplace

Events | Weddings, Families, Organizations, Rallies, Independent Events

Examples include:
SPH Magazines | UBS Bank | Political Organization & Fairs | Evangelical Organizations | Singapore Chingay Parade | National Day Parade Committee |

Education| Ministry of Education, Schools & Institutions, Independent organizations, Individuals

Examples include:
Secondary Schools | La  Salle | Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts , | Phocus Singapore | School of Photography Singapore | Wizlearn Technologies | 

Target Audience

Prints | With some experience with design publishing, there is a potential collaboration with print companies and client companies to produce brochures, posters, coffee table books are a value-add service. Target audience includes organizations, SMCs, etc.

Videography | With some work experience in DSLR videography, small scale video productions and potential collaboration with production teams are value-add service. The target audience includes wedding couples, event organizations, production houses, etc.

Workshop | To educate and inspire a client’s technical and conceptual development in general photography, through experience and professional mentoring. The target audience includes beginners, amateur & hobbyists, etc.

Collaboration Work

Due to my multidisciplinary perspective and experience in other areas of design, I am able to find collaboration when the project calls for. Target groups include videography team, graphic designers, print publishers, web designers, Multimedia Educators, etc.

Indemnities and Template release forms

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.04.28


Signature Design

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.16.44

Coming on as a new player into the photography industry, perhaps the most important step is to establish my name as a brand, an individual creative. I think a graphic logo would be more suitable for well-established photographers, or for representing a collective group of services and organisations in the industry. Hence, I am focusing on identifying the most suitable typography as a graphic visual, a signature to represent my brand name.

I chose a sans-serif font type ‘Champagne & Limousines’ as my primary brand identity. This font was created by Lauren Thompson. It has got the qualities of a clean, sleek and professional projection, meant for formal occasions, such as my portfolio websites, name cards, online blog, invoice and model release form templates, etc.

The second variation, a calligraphy font type, ‘Zentaiges’ created by Jonathan S. Harris. I chose this as my secondary brand identity, which was meant for informal occasions and to imprint an authentic, signature-like watermark into my digital images or photo prints.

Proposed ‘Corporate’ Colours


RGB: #0b2aad, #5e0f91
Pantone:  2736 C, 2597 C

These colours I have chosen can be associated with royalty, extravagance and individualism, the unconventional, the artificial and ambiguity. In the Chinese culture, the combination of the warm and cool colours also represents the harmony of the universe.


Portfolio Website

A great portfolio is one that inspires. For photographers aiming to get clients, a portfolio should contain not only good solid images but also needs to be consistent – similar in style, quality, and format. While it is important to categorise and put up only the best works, I think images can also be sorted by different channels or platforms and for different purposes.

500px Portfolio

500px is a photo community and marketplace for discovering, sharing buying and selling inspiring photography powered by creative people around the world. The site prides itself on its photographer centric approach, focusing on showcasing amazing high-quality images. It has one of the best interfaces I have seen; well-designed, unobtrusive and easy navigation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 23.47.46

In an online article, Nihar Sawat compares 500px to many social media platforms, such as Google+’s highlight which algorithmically determines which photos are the best taken by it users, or Facebook’s “social graph” algorithm which shows users photos based on their relationship with a person. 500px’s unique algorithm of “Pulse” gives every photographer the opportunity for their image to appear on its front page regardless of the status that person in social media. Its premium price is one of the most affordable around, and photographers could receive the royalty rate of 70% commission from selling images. Notable photographers who use 500px include Serge Ramelli, Aaron Nace.

The custom portfolio theme I might use would be ‘Horizontal’. This theme is designed to be minimal in the user interface and it works on all devices. The name comes from how the photos scroll horizontally. This provides the best experience to display my landscape images. The theme scales beautifully from a smartphone to a desktop display, featuring highly customizable responsive gestures.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 23.29.45

Some of its disadvantages of it were that a standard account allows users to share up to twenty images per week. Hence, the optimum exposure to get recognised is to upload an image per day, progressively. Also, its ‘pulse’ function runs on popularity value. This means that accounts with a large fan base receive higher voting and only the circle of friends would vote for each other.

I would choose 500px because, for one, I can find inspiration or assess my images of a location, and its portfolio is a good integration in this aspect. Two, I can fit a broader range of portfolios works and assess how my photo images fare in the stock photography market. Three, the strong presence of an online community means I can easily network with people.

500px has been constantly evolving based on market demand. Having a 500px portfolio is a great way to expose one’s best works to the world, and it has one of the most competitive premium plans around. While this approach may not provide direct clients, but it may make one popular enough to net prospective clients.

SquareSpace Portfolio

Squarespace is a platform which consists of a website builder, blogging platform and hosting service. It provides individuals and businesses the creative tools to build and maintain their brands online. It’s visually stunning websites are known for its minimalistic, designer-looking websites, suitable for Photographers. Its well-polished templates are all responsive and highly interactive across multiple platform devices. By blending elegant and sophisticated engineering, the site has become the new standard for modern web publishing.

Squarespace differs from its competitors in a way that it does not offer new users a free plan. instead, they provide a limited risk-free trial for users to test out the website builder before making the purchase. Because of its premium pricing, its high-quality blogs and e-commerce have become one of its main selling points.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 04.18.55

The template I am considering is called ‘Ishimoto’, which also has a horizontal gallery slider. For the package plans, I might be looking at the basic business plan which includes unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs, with unlimited storage, bandwidth, and contributors. It also includes a fully integrated E-commerce of selling up to twenty-five products.

Some of the disadvantages of Squarespace were that there is only one sub –navigation level, which means it is not suitable for larger websites with deep menu hierarchy. Their template is notoriously known for its low score ratings for its loading page speed. This could lead to a poor user experience on smartphones and possibly affect search engine ranking. Its e-commerce plan available only in certain countries, but not in my native country; I would have to use a third party payment processor in this case. Singapore-based fashion photographer, Shavonne Wong uses squarespace to promote her fashion photography (link).

In terms of layout and interactivity, Squarespace seems to take on a more classic approach. It does have a steeper learning curve compared to other website builders, and certain features not useful to me in the long term. Its premium plan is also one of the least affordable plans after reviewed.

I would choose Squarespace as my main portfolio website because, for one, its user interface is professional looking and interactive. Two, I only need to put up a small handful of images that are the cream of the crop and which best represents me. Three, its interactivity spans across multiple platforms; its web engineering is not something I could easily replicate if I were to build from scratch.

Smugmug Portfolio

SmugMug is a premium photo-sharing website with image hosting services, allowing users to upload image and video contents onto their site. An attractive package with its unlimited image hosting, its customizable portfolio templates spans across multiple platforms and great boosting visibility for search engine optimization and marketing. In addition, this platform also offers print services as well as integrated e-commerce and branding compatible with WordPress. Of the four plans reviewed, ‘Portfolio’ has the most affordable package with the e-commerce feature.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 17.33.33

Smugmug is easily one of best all-rounded building platform in the industry. For a reasonable premium price, there are many features which would cater from amateur photographers to the professional. I would choose Smugmug as the main platform for my portfolio works as notable photographers Trey Ratcliff and Benjamin Von Wong have also used this site for their portfolio.

Portfolio Packaging

Besides an online portfolio, creating a product packaging as part of a portfolio is important for business branding. The way the package is designed and presented to the client adds value to the customer experience, and its delivery conveys the quality of our photography works. In this section explores the various types of products I can include into my branding strategy.

Portfolio Packaging Design

Business card

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.39.54

This first design is my native name card design, which takes on a traditional name card dimension, with two sides. I used bokehs as a visual element for my branding, with indigo and violet as my main color theme. These colors are often associated with royalty, extravagance, and individualism, the unconventional, the artificial and ambiguity. In Chinese culture, the combination of the warm and cool colors also represents the harmony of the universe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.40.02

For the second design variation, I propose the same color scheme to be printed as a translucent material. The difference is that all information will be on a single side, and a large bokeh circle as the visual element. The client can see through the transparent circle, as though the lens of a camera.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.56.40

During the Interchange session in name card design, lecturer Darren Leader had supported my concept designs, suggesting using ‘Trans clear’ paper material from the leading paper merchant, G.F Smith. Through his advice, the paper material is unique enough to stand out on its on and the bokeh visual may not necessarily be needed. Hence, in an effort to further develop my design, I developed a third variation to incorporate my own images printed onto the said paper material. The layout elements still follow the golden ratio proportion.

Photobook Portfolio

Having a photo book give clients a tactile feel to my photography works and a better sense of my photographic style. It also adds a new dimension to my portfolio, displaying my proficiency in book publishing. The challenge is to pick the right images that best represents my photography.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.49.33

Order of Sequence

My thought process was such that I had visually arranged my best landscape images visually,from the subtle and de-saturated images to the more vivid and graphical. I had also considered from light to dark. This arrangement is still not definite as there are other considerations which have not yet been addressed.


Postcard Prints

Postcard prints are essentially the freebies and advertisements in my branding strategy.  Having a set of postcards makes people remember my photography.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.41.27


Teaching has become a niche area of the photography industry, as it is not only a lucrative business outside commercial works, but there is always a demand for learning photography regardless of the experience level. Many contemporary landscape photographers have resorted to these approaches in order to continue sustaining their revenues. I create my workshop contents in a systematic structural order, as well as set guidelines for diversifying photography topics from basic to advanced photography. In of this report, I explore the possible options in developing digital photography workshops and classes.

Photo workshops & Classes
Photography workshops are a way to bring people together and interact or network. The first session could be a free introductory course for new students to get acquainted with my teaching style. What they will learn mainly is ‘ways of seeing’ and ‘good camera habits’. Students will eventually need to pay for the next two sessions to complete the three-session course. These courses should cover the technical and non-technical aspects of photography, and in a progressive way. It should also cater time for hands-on photography. In addition, workshop courses may also include other genres which would cater to different interests.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.46.00

Photo Tours
Photo tours should be designed to maximize the photographic opportunities with minimal or causal instructions along the way. It serves ass a great way for like-minded people, regardless of experience, to come together and learn from each other. Photo tours also include overseas locations which involve a high level of planning, but also generates a lot of interests. Established photographers who conduct such tours include Jason Theaker Photography, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.46.08

Other teaching photography methods include private one-to-one tutorials and producing online courses. There are many established channels that create their own video contents, such as Serge Ramelli photography, Matt Seuss Photography,, etc. As this report focuses on establishing my photography branding, I do not see the need to generate such contents at the moment, but it does help to keep these options open for consideration.

Marketing Strategy

Having a solid marketing strategy is important, but plans should also be fluid as opportunities may change over time. One way to look at is to explore ways to minimize content creation and maximize content consumption. In this section explores a broad aspect of the social media for my marketing strategy.

Online Presence

Social networks are powerful marketing tools that offer a creative individual a platform to showcase their works to the world, and an opportunity to be noticed by large corporate companies with big budgets. However, from a business perspective, different platforms cater to different audiences; it makes more sense to utilise as many different types of media to reach my target market.

WordPress Blog

A website and a blog serve quite different business purposes, but their combined capability is much bigger than adding all their parts together. WordPress in its true terminology for what it does is “content management system” (CMS), which organizes any and every single content in a website. Having an online blog means one can have a more connectivity and network with their audiences. It communicates with the target market on a much more visceral and personal level, and at the same time share news of the business and best work highlights.

I would choose WordPress because of its flexibility. With many widgets and plugins, WordPress has no practical limit on what one can create and it has the most balanced features available for photographers, thus a great platform for photography websites. However, high-quality templates and plug-ins often require premium price tags, and it may require a little knowledge on coding.  The notable photographers who have used WordPress blog include Julian Calverley.

Facebook page

Facebook page is a great tool for customer engagement and building a community. It includes analytics to help determine how effective and engaging the content or activity is. While it is free to maintain a page, the system will only put the posts in news feeds for only a fraction of its followers, unless it is a paid advertisement. I would choose Facebook page because it connects followers to my most recent works and my portfolio.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 22.56.20

Contents may include:

  • special announcement for events,
  • contest or new products,
  • recent shoots or behind the scenes,
  • links to new post on blogs,
  • offer customer tips
  • share contents that inspires me.


Pinterest is essentially a visual bookmarking site that has a strong built-in social component, making it easy for things to go viral. The main idea is to create different board categories that contain links to images, resources or any other information that someone might find interesting or useful. Because it is so visual that people can share things with a simple click, it can be used as a means to get more exposure for my business. I could create boards for inspiration and resources for my clients, or sell my products and services.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 22.58.48



Shopify is a web application for setting up an online store to sell goods, as well as a web hosting solution. It provides users with several customisable templates for storefront, manage product inventories, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders. Shopify is also compatible with other platforms such as Squarespace, Wix or Wordress.

Of the four premium plans available, ‘Shopify Basic’ has the cheapest plan with website and blog integration. This is particularly important for increasing my branding presence and making it convenient for customers to make their purchase. For transactions there are two different fees: one that Shopify charges on the turnover of up to 2% and another for the payment gateway, which is around 3% plus a small transaction fee.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 02.38.21

The disadvantages of it are that Shopify payment is only available in certain countries, excluding Singapore. This means that I would need a third party payment gateway. There is no way to automatically ensure product images are displayed the same aspect ratio. The cheapest plan does not permit one to create a fully-featured online store.

Overall Shopify is probably one of the best solutions to host an online store. It has strong templates, and competitively priced.


Gumroad is a payment processor platform that enables creators to sell digital products directly to consumers, such as e-books and magazines, songs & albums, videos, illustrations & typography, etc. It was created with the intention of making selling without having the hassle of online stores and distribution. Products also include digital photographs and stock video footages. It does so by creating a link to the photographs so that interested fans, friends, and followers can buy without the need of a store set up. It accepts the payment and delivers the product to the customers. Then then money is direct-deposited into the individual’s bank account. Hence, the easier the process of transaction online, the more people will be encouraged to spend their money on it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 15.46.00

As compared to other creative marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, Gumroad only takes a 5% cut of the sales price plus a minute fee of every sale.Prices can be set up to $1000, or have in different currencies. It is also compatible with WordPress and mobile platforms. However, Gumroad being a third-party website to complete transactions has a premium plan of $10 per month.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 15.45.23

Overall, Gumroad is really a simple mechanism that is great for small scale business startups for photographers and other creatives. Besides digital images, this opens up the possibility of selling digital contents such as my customized photoshop presets & actions, and video courses and contents.


Zapier is an application program interface (API) which allows users to process certain tasks between two platforms. This application is particularly useful for processing data from one platform to another and automating repetitive tasks.

For example, when a payment is processed by Paypal, that data is sent to Zapier. The data is then processed and sent to another application as a new invoice. It adds a need customer, the invoice amount and marks it as paid.

 There are over 500 application integration services which Zapier is compatible with, such as Google Drive, WordPress, Dropbox, Paypal, Shopify, etc. The pricing model is based on how many zaps are created and how often that zap is called per month, and there is a free plan which provides five zaps that perform a task every fifteen minutes.


Overall Zapier is an indispensable tool for speeding up productivity in any businesses and should be incorporated into my workflow for data integration solutions.

Platform overview

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.53.42

Promotional videos

Promotional Video contents can be uploaded onto Youtube and/or Vimeo channel and then embedded into my website or photo blog. This could be another alternative to generating content and interests in people recognizing my website.

Show reel

My recent video works would give potential clients an idea of the works and experiences I have accumulated from my recent projects.

Video Works

This gives prospective clients an idea of the works and experiences I have accumulated from my recent projects. It showcases of my expertise in videography, and as a value-add service.


A fun tidbit video of behind the scenes of a project to keep audiences interested.


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