There is a certain kind of images we are used to when one thinks about Cambridge city. Those picturesque postcards of the famed Cambridge University, old buildings reflecting the rich history and beautiful scenery of the halcyon days. And the first thing that most tourists do, is to get on board the punting tour of the university campuses.

Having only a day’s time in the city, traveling to Cambridge from Norwich already took the whole morning. My real exploration began only after lunch, and the first activity, like any tourists, was to do punting. Being a tourist means there is so much restriction as to how much landscapes I could capture, and the only vantage point in the city was closed for repair works on that day. Despite those challenges, I managed to find a multi-storey car park nearby, just in time for sunset.

As a landscape photographer, I can be quite particular about the lighting and time. People tell me that is is possible to tour Cambridge city in a day, but I think and there is so much more to see, that a day’s worth isn’t enough to explore properly. Nevertheless, here are some of the best photos taken during the day trip.


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