Coming down from Edinburgh was a five-hour journey to Manchester city by train. We arrived the night before and had about eight hours the next day till our next train back home. We spent only a day at Manchester city, as my buddy had some business to attend there while I spent the day mainly to visit Manchester United stadium tour at Old Trafford.

As it was a rushed day for me, I did not take any photos of the city. I had underestimated the distance to old Trafford from my hostel and had spent the next two hours searching tirelessly for the location. Nevertheless, walking to the destination was worth it, albeit unnecessary.

I had enjoyed my time at the stadium tour. For me, this opportunity is not something that would come by often. Even though I didn’t get to see any football matches nor any celebrities, it was the experience of standing in the stadium that made it incredible.

Here are some images taken during the tour. The images were sort of a touristy kind.

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