Quick update on what I have done over the summer break and what I intend to do for my third year. Showed her dome of my best images I have taken from travelling to London, Scotland, Perseids Meteors and around in Norwich, etc. Shared with her the comments I got from during the Big Book Crit when I showed them the same images on paper.

I will be heading back to Singapore for 2.5 weeks in October for family matters, so I need to plan my time really carefully.

Reflective: On favourite photos.


– Composition: rule of thirds, etc.
– Eye travels around the image
– Contrast white is used to draw the eye and no over saturation
– My Personal photographs
– How do I bring the same new experience/passion to a new environment?
– The scale of the image: provocative / formats of photography?


It just the first draft of the essay, and still needs a lot of polishing. there are the other factors I have not considered, but I need to narrow down my research.

– “provocative” – define this in the introduction
– Sublime, Cinematic, Drama: Will adding a person made this image more provocative?
– Look at Aesthetic theory, tones, mood, drama.
– Personal history of the viewer : Do they like it, or are they afraid of the subject?

Look at Gregory Crewdson – why he uses people in the dramatic set?


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