Big Book Crit, 06.10.16

Thursday I had the opportunity to show my portfolio works to the some of the Creative Directors in town. The way the session was run was sort of like speed dating, where students queue up at one corner and go to the respective tables of the directors they wish to see at every 15 minutes interval. so wich means one student would only have 15 minutes to introduce themselves and show their portfolio. I didn’t know who was at the tables until I have been given the paper brief. There were professional designers, videographers and photographers. In this session, I was specifically targeting the photographers, and the commercial and advertising Creative directors. After showing them my works, I felt humbled by their comments and encouragement.

After showing them my works, I felt humbled by their comments and encouragement.It was a good thing I printed some last minute name cards so I could give them my information.  Just as I was about to leave, one of the Creative Directors had approached me, as the other CDs have told him to check out my work. He actually requested to arrange for a separate session to view my portfolio works.

So here are the Creative directors I have met, and I remembered their advice.



TwoPointOne provides a bespoke service to existing agencies who need specialist video, creative stills photography and motion graphics and to help brands, businesses and broadcasters produce content for an ever-growing range of applications.

Alvin Burrows, Creative Director

Alvin Burrows is a CD for TwoPointOne Ltd. Working in broadcast and commercial video production, motion graphics and photography, his experience is wide and varied. From producing motion graphic title sequences and special effects to working as a director of photography and art director, he produces work for a wide range of commercial and broadcast applications.


“your images are really great!! I will definitely keep a look out for your works during your graduation show!” 

Clive Totman, photographer

Clive is an editorial and commercial photographer with over 30 year’s experience with bases in London and Norwich. He started his career as the house photographer for the Barbican Centre for over 11 years supplying work for the RSC and the LSO as well as visiting national and international organisations. His work has appeared frequently in the UK and International media including The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The New York Times, China Daily, Le Figaro and the BBC. He has supplied work to a diverse client base ranging from Footsie 100 client such as Shell and UBS, to the NSPCC, the RNIB and the Arts Council.


“Your images are technically good, but they don’t seem suitable for editorial… What do you intend to do after you graduate? Do you want to work in the UK? 

Have you thought about stock photography? Go to stock photography! Your works should definitely appear in the stock photography website. your images are so good, you would make good money out of it. I will keep a look out if your images appear there!” 


Greenwood and Bell

Greenwood and Bell is an advertising and design micro-agency, set up by two senior marketing designers, Mark and Mandy Greenwood, to deliver marketing communication projects for clients here in East Anglia and across the UK. Their breadth of experience means they work on everything from small one off jobs to big integrated campaigns.

Mark Greenwood, Creative Partner

Mark has thirty years’ experience working at London ad agencies, working for every kind of client from local start-ups to major multinational brands. He is an award-winning art director and creative director, producing campaigns for big companies like Unilever, Lotus, Kelloggs’ and John Lewis, and smaller businesses like Bonhams, Barbican Art Gallery and Surrey County Cricket Club. He’s happily worked in business to business campaigns (Aviva, Peugeot Professional, Gartmore) raised funds for charities (Refuge, Anti-slavery, Cancer research) and created communications programmes (Department of Health, Government of India Tourism Board and Department of Schools and Education).



“Wow! Great work! your images are really good! You know, of all the portfolios I have seen tonight, yours is one of the best I’ve seen *well there’s another graphic designers’ whose works are good too* but if not, yours is probably the best so far! I will definitely keep a look out of your works during your graduation show!” 


Big Dog Agency

Big Dog is a multi- award winning creative agency. They create media neutral, compelling ideas built on insight, strategy and experience

Cordell Burke, Creative Managing Partner

Cordell runs the creative department across London, Norwich, Leicester and Birmingham. He’s an experienced CD/AD who has lead integrated creative departments at agencies such as OglivyOne, Tequila (TBWA group) and Saatchi & Saatchi. For many years, this experience has included producing TV, press, posters, Direct marketing and digital creative work for clients such as American Express, IBM, BT, Royal Mail, BP, Prudential, The Army, The Carbon Trust, Aviva, Pret a Manager, Mazda and Rightmove. He’s also won many awards as CD/AD at Cannes, DMA (UK & US), campaign, Creative Circle and US Caples and had been a regular judge at these events. Cordell has featured in campaign’s top 10 DM Creative Directors several times and is a member of the DMA Awards committee.


“Hey there! I would like to see some of your portfolio works, because well, the other directors have recommended me to see yours. let me know when you are free and we can arrange a separate session!  

(thanking him and explaining to him I will be away back home for family matters)

oh, no worries, let me know again when you are back!” 


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