Guest Speaker: Luke Stephenson


Luke Stephenson is an English photographer who focuses on photographing life in Britain and the British psyche, what to many epitomises the eccentricity of Britain. Often humorous in their outlook, his series range from prize budgerigars to the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Whether animate or inanimate objects, Stephenson creates affectionate portraits of his subjects and documents worlds often hidden from the mainstream.

He graduated in 2005 and has worked as a freelance photographer since. The same year he was awarded the Jerwood Photography Prize and in 2006 was selected as one of ten photographers to showcase their work at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyeres, France.

Luke has published two photo books to date, his first was a series of Show Birds published in 2012 and the second published in 2014 is a series exploring the wonderful world of the 99 ice cream. He has also worked with film and moving images.

An incomplete dictionary of show birds is about show birds, with a contrast with the thing and background colours. Luke got into phone magazine, they were interested in selling his prints, the Bird Book. He met Steven Gill who does his own book but steven had advice him to print himself would be much better.

Cornflakes, he shot a thousand images of cornflakes. and make a short timelapse film.

The clown Easter egg was an interesting project. It made me think of them whether it is a portraiture or still life.

Other works include:

Big Shot Polaroid
Agi & Sam Lookbooks
Sunday times style

In conclusion his advice to all of us were to think of the little projects that we like to do, that could potentially get you real works.



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