Returning back home to Singapore for family matters for almost three weeks during my school term can be “academically suicidal” if time is not managed properly. I made the necessary arrangement between my family and my course lecturer, assuring that I could still continue on my photography works even though I am away for personal reasons. To be honest, I have not done much during this period, but I managed to get some things sorted out before coming back. I have also managed to capture some aerial images while on the flight. But first here is a story of my epic journey of my flight back.

Boarding long flights can be an exhausting journey. I choose an evening flight so I would have ample rest and not hindered by the jetlag. As the gate closed and the aircraft coming out to the tarmac to prepare its flight, the pilot suddenly made an announcement. It appears someone had boarded the wrong plane and they had to eject the passenger out first. Eventually, the plane took off almost two hours late as the pilot had to wait for the next available slot time to take flight. Because of the unforeseen circumstances, I missed my transition flight at Doha airport.

Upon arrival to my connecting flight, an airport staff linked up with us with the next earliest flight time and a complimentary hotel lodging. However, this means that I would not be home on time as per arranged. I highlighted my concerns and the staff was kind enough to help me re-route my journey, from Dubai to Singapore via Singapore Airlines. However, this means I would need to take another connecting flight from Doha to Dubai.

Coming out of the Doha customs was dreadful, and although the staff said it was “about 15 mins walk away to the hotel”, I had no idea the actual location of the complimentary lodging was in the city and required transportation, not near the airport. I have never been in Doha airport and was totally unfamiliar with my way around. I was stranded in Doha for about eight hours before my next flight and extremely worried that my baggage would not reach Singapore properly. This was the first time I have experienced such situation.

Then again, if not for such opportunities, I would not have been able to capture a sunset in Dubai. Although it was not a planned shot, I was pleased that at least I have been to Doha and Dubai briefly.

The next morning as the aircraft flew over the south East Asia region, emotions began to well in me. I saw familiar sights which started giving me a sense of homesickness. after spending some 14 months away from home, it was a certain nostalgia. I am finally back home.


For my return trip, I had a much more pleasant journey. Although saying goodbye to my family and friend were hard, but these transitions were still manageable. I purposefully choose my flight in such a way that I would reach London Heathrow by first light, and I would be able to take a few more aerial photos of London.

It was still a little too dark and I had to bump up my ISO setting. I got some surprising results as I had not seen such phenomenon before, where part of the land was foggy and part of it was not.

With such opportunities, I was able to take aerial photographs of the landscape during my flight trip back and fro, even though these had nothing much to do with my projects. All in all, I have enjoyed most part of it.


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