After two weeks of absence from school, I have had so much to catch up on. Start thinking of my direction for this assignment, how I could move on from my summer break photos, and how I could improve on my essay report.

Initial ideas of what I wanted to do during the remaining time of this semester, was to explore ways I could push landscape photography. one was the idea of using mirror cubes and incorporating landscape elements into portraiture shoot.

Suggestions to look at for Mirror reflection:
Dan Graham
Anish Kappor
Tobin Smith

Text: ” Mirrors + Reflection” MOMA: John Sakowsky
– mirror as an extension
– Window as subjective

Suggestion to find MUAs for the portraiture shoot:
Consider looking for MUAs at City College, students ni Makeup courses
or Japanese Hair Salons in London.

Perhaps consider mannequin or barbie dolls?

The body + photography Book.

Bill Brant, Lee Fredind


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