Consultation: Junko 29.11.16


After the previous initial sessions with lecturer Junko to discuss my photographic approaches, I went back to her again after getting some portraiture shoots done.  The main reason I sought her advice again was because I thought she would be the best person to advise about the oriental shoot.

Generally, the overall feel looked ‘technically’ good. upon closer look, which she stresses that the details on the subject are important. Refine the details:
– Earrings
– How kimono hold down at front sleeves
– Makeup – try different style too.

For the shoot, I have sort of achieved my objective in translating landscape elements into the portraiture. If I were to do more of this shoot, I might try textile background with plants & flowers, etc. However, I may not want to head into the fashion as my main focus would still be in the landscapes.

Her advice was to get me consider to run the fashion portraiture alongside my landscape, sort of 80:20 ratio.

“See the book (20014) the one we checked on the library search.”




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