I had the opportunity to visit Nottingham Contemporary gallery with a group of international students over the weekend, and we visited the Christmas Market after that. To view my images of the Nottingham Christmas market, click here. 

We looked at three art installations. The first exhibition was FOXP2 by Marguerite Humeau, who has set herself a great challenge, to artificially re-create the emergence of sentient life. Humeau has worked with zoologist, palaeontologists, biologist and psychologist to imagine what might have been the biological evolution of elephants if, instead of humans, had become sentient beings able to use language. Her art installation suggests the possibility the consciousness might now be reproducible on an industrial scale. It displays prototypes of living beings with different degrees of sentience. While consulting linguists from all over the world to re-enact the moment when this mutation occurred, reverse-engineering processes have been used to create a sound piece, synthesised to beatbox.

While the sound piece emitting from those elephant structures which was meant to display a wide variety of feelings and states, they sounded kind of creepy and otherworldly to me. I just find it weird.


For the next exhibition, titled “The Encounter That Took a Part of Me” by Nigerian artist Otobong Nkanga.

The exhibition is made up of two site-specific installations. One, a new commission, is a constellation of museum display cases, a vast wall drawing and a large two-part tapestry, huge tapestries, performances, drawings and installations trace all kinds of different botanical and geological histories in Otobong Nkanga’s work.

Next door Nkanga has created a new version of her installation Taste of a Stone, which brings the natural world into the gallery to create a landscape of boulders, pebbles, trees and other plants. This environment for contemplation is inhabited by local storytellers, musicians and dancers, as well as visitors.


I did not quite understand what these installations were all about, but for some reason, I felt connected to this space with white pebbles. I thought it could be a possible idea to incorporate stones and pebbles into my landscape portraitures.


After viewing these galleries, we went down to look at artist crafts. wanted to buy some, but the prices were out of my budget.

Coming to this gallery not understanding what they mean, but it left me with a new idea which might be helpful for my next shoot. So this trip did provide me with some inspiration after all.


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