Ideas Factory

Sebastian Owen,  Employment officer

This session is for photographers. Why?

  • Help art students with self-promotion, portfolio prep, and approaching potential employers
  • Self-employment, freelancing and start-up business…
  • Nuts & Bolts – Business support, financial and legal clinics
  • create networking opportunities
  • Big Book Crit
  • Creative industries networking.

Who am I, how i can help them? Etc.

“How do I practice networking skills?” – lecture sessions have been in place. Series for creative business start-ups:

27 Jan – How to have an idea
1 Feb – Researching your idea
8 Feb – Setting up your business
15 Feb – Your client, our brand, image
8 Mar – Learning to network
15 Mar – Pitching an event
22 Mar – How we started



Pricing and selling your work.

3 things to think about: Cost, Value, Market


  • Materials & Supplies
  • time as costs
  • Be realistic
  • Running costs
  • Travel costs
  • Making a profit
  • In general cost of materials + cost of labour + overheads = total costs
  • Total costs + desired profit = final price.


Things to consider:

  • How unique is my work with this area?
  • Is my work selling already?
  • How well known is my work?
  • More exp = more able to charge

‘value’ is extremely subjective. Some ppl will buy your work and feel they are getting a bargain…


Talking about the other pros who offer similar services to me and the types of clients you may have.

  • Research
  • Where your work fits: Is it high-end craft or fine art eg?
  • Few ways to start:
  • Work in similar medium to u
  • Produce work of a comparable style
  • Similar range of experiences and accomplishment
  • Have comparable reputation and profile
  • Ave exhibited in similar venues
  • Aiming at comparable customer base
  • What is already for sale in your arena. That is your market, where do u fit?
  • Research the type of clients’ u have and research the scale of their project/ budgets.

Selling work through galleries/shops

  • Use same 3 elements to decide on a price.
  • Think about including commission if sold through a gallery/shop




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