For this consultation session, I was arranged to see Lecturer Ellen Rogers to discuss the progress of my dissertation. At first glance, the essay looks well written but I was looking for areas of improvement, particularly the contents I wanted to talk about in my essay.

Firstly, define what is “provocative” in Provocative Imagery.

some of the ideas are complicated

  • Robert Capa? what is the connection to the landscape and provocative?
  • controversial, subversive, rhetoric – aren’t they all parts of provocativeness?
  • Provocative Imagery: define what is “provocative”
  • what changes a person’s view on provocative images?

Simplify the conclusion yo make your point made known. Consider going about my dissertation from these perspectives instead:

  • Personal
  • Cultural/ historical
  • Social
  • Political/ propaganda

She admitted that the topic I chose was quite challenging to begin with, and this made it difficult for her to advice, and eventually told me to consult course leader James Smith for better advice.


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