Analysis: Places

These are some of the photographers’ works who continue to inspire me to make landscape photos:

Ted Gore


Ted Gore’s breathtaking images are clean, crisp and vibrant landscapes, almost in pristine condition. He has a strong command of composition which enables its visuals to lead the eyes to the focal point from foreground to background. The sheer amount of detail and textures are also visibly crisp. The deep depth of field reflects so much tonality value. there is a good mix of contrast in lighting, between light and shadow which renders the image with natural light almost magical.

Often good landscape images are places where people have seldom been to. in this case, I think Ted has made a lot of effort to search for spots off the beaten path. it is this element of his approach is what I try to emulate, in places that are new to me, I try to look for fresh perspectives instead of taking the same image others have done.

Ted Gore’s works have a lot of aesthetical elements which seem to be in the fine arts photography, as a fine art print to be hung on gallery walls.

Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff’s photographic style is similar to Ted Gores’, but his approach has got more complex structure elements. He uses high dynamic range (HDR) techniques to process his images which really brings out the location he has been to. His take on ordinary cityscapes from unique vantage points are what makes his photos stands out. He also builds a narrative about his experiences to those places and that is also what makes people feel the urge to travel after seeing his photos.

There is a lot of commercial value in his works and also have the stock image quality. they can be used for web travel blogs and websites, or travel books and magazines. He could also use those images to create workshops.

Finn Beales

Finn Beales Photos of Scotland highlands has inspired me to plan my trip. His image style always gives an authentic and natural feel, there isn’t too much heavy editing. He has a keen sense of how lights affect the landscape and use that to his advantage, thus using the lights to create the atmosphere.

Many of these landscape images are geared towards automobile ad, where the image may show a car driving through the landscape or it appears in the environment. Some of them may also appear in travelogue magazines.

Kai PicturesKai Pictures

Kai Pictures is an independent local wedding photographer from Singapore, who specialise in taking pre-wedding shots and events. I know him personally through my friend. He has gone out to many locations outside Singapore and that is what makes his images unique among the local photographers in the region. Each of his images tells a narrative story, of the couple in the frame. He is also masterful in framing dutch angle shots, which sort of reflects the moment in time. His editing style is quite different from mine, it has that rich contrast quality, but a pastel coloured tone. His subjects are the main focus and the elements around them always leads back to them.


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