Over the past year or so, photographer Benjamin Von Wong has taken his talent for epic photo shoots and turned it into raising awareness for topics such as climate change or wildlife conservation. This time, in his latest project, he has taken on plastic pollution. The point of the whole shoot was to raise awareness for plastic pollution.

What I like about his project here was the concept of using those plastics bottles to create a provocating environmental statement. From Benjamin’s works I have learnt that as a visual storyteller, anything could be possible to be used to create visuals. But it is the crazy concept behind that motivates the action.

These works had hit hard on me because as I was thinking of ways how I could use my autumn leaves to create a landscape element in my portraiture, he provided me with an answer, something outside the box which I had not thought about: if plastic bottles were a possible choice, then basically there are a lot of materials are possible for my next shoot. On closer analysis, his works here bears a striking resemblance to my oriental portraiture shoot:

  1. Both are shot top down with one model
  2. With a mass of materials for the backdrop
  3. landscape elements created
  4. Working with colours.

The difference is that I did not have an environmental concern when I did my shot, and that he took his project to an even massive scale: borrowing 10,000 plastic bottles and roping a team of people to help bring his vision into reality. This was the result of the working relationship he had gained over the years through his previous projects that he had such accessibility. However, photo shoot at such scale also comes with a great deal of stress on figuring about the best approach from preparation to shoot. Yet he was able to command such vision while under immense pressure.

The only question is if I have the means and human resources to pull it off, in which I do not think I have that capability yet….


For more details of this project, click here.


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