Final Fifteen




Of all the landscape works I have done, choosing which images that best represent my photography style has been a difficult task. I have certainly gathered as many references and tried a lot of different approaches as much as I can. While I have started this endeavour since year two and progressing into year three, there were certainly many images that I felt could be contenders but I had to omit them due to the rigorous selection in relation to my theme “The Provocative Landscape”.

If images are suited for art galleries or editorial magazines, it makes sense to present them in large prints or in magazine format. If images are geared towards online editorial, then it makes sense to present them in digital format. However, what if my images are more towards stock market, then how best should stock images be presented?

Stock images are considered as digital images, but they can have a wide variety of applications: websites, banners, magazines, books covers, posters, publicity campaigns, etc. I struggled to justify the best way to present my images. In the end, I decided to print them all, because ultimately if these images are digitally accurate in colours and will be used for prints, then it makes sense to see the accuracy of the colours. Being a person who works in colours and wants as much control over his images, I would definitely want to see them in print so that I can adjust them again later if necessary. I did two test prints to choose between Lustre print and matt print. In the end, I opted for the gloss finish which reflects the strong crisp and contrast style I have.

Hence, I have printed all 15 images in Lustre prints, with white borders. The white borders tend to give a short of prestige feel to the images as a proper high-quality photograph, and that is exactly what I wanted: professionally done images of the highest quality: the highest quality of images i can produce as a professional photographer.





I loved what I do in my landscape works. From travelling to different locations to conducting studio shoots, I have done an extensive amount of shoots related to my theme. My research and analysis into a myriad of photographers and artists have also influenced my practices greatly, exploring new directions which I have not thought of previously. I have had many stumbling blocks along the way, such as doubts as to whether I was heading in the right direction or not, and shoots that I could have done but I have not thought of, etc. I was away from school for personal matters for almost three weeks and I was not sure if the lecturer’s advice were helpful for me when I got back. Despite my shortcomings, it was my passion in shooting the landscapes that kept me motivated in my practice.


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