while searching for references for bodyscapes, I found one commercial photographer whose works had intriqued me. That is when I learned about his foodscape series, exactly the kind of landscapes that provokes one reaction.

Carl Warner is an artist, director and photographer who is well known for his foodscapes. His passion for creating and making stunning images from the banal things that most people would not take a second look at. The Foodscapes received international recognition back in 2008, and Carl has been coming up with new pieces ever since.

Each piece of his works exhibits the technical expertise of his photography in many aspects. choice of food for colors and textures, attention to every single detail including lighting, since all of the visuals were painstakingly built from scratch, as well as the post processes of compositing them all together.

Besides food, this artist also uses other mediums to imitate landscapes. His sensual Bodyscapes project featured intricately tangled human bodies, which make you tilt your head a little with each picture.

In this series of photographs by Carl Warner, human bodies have been contorted, lit, and manipulated to form expansive landscapes reminiscent of barren deserts and mountains. He shoots all of the forms in his studio to focus attention on “one person’s body, creating a sense of place so that a body that is lived in becomes a place to live.” The images are then digitally pieced together using Photoshop. Compared to food, the human body is more limited in the types of angles and shapes it can make.


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